AETHERA ART - Mission Statement
Mission Statement

AETHERA wants to perform its cosmic contribution for a global transformation.
We believe that all matter becomes physical through a metaphysical process. It is personal awareness that creates one’s reality. Reality is determined by the attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, values, opinions and feelings one connects to in one’s psyche and are the cause of our fortune or misfortune.

We are all creators of, and responsible for, our own lives. The Earth will not be in Peace as long as we have war within in our selves. Since we are creating our own environment, including illness, poverty, angst, difficult relationships, etc. we also re-create the world as we desire.

AETHERA’s mission is to create a new world of abundance, love, peace, health, happy relationships, etc. as part of metaphysical health care. AETHERA ENERGY ESSENCES were developed to fulfill this purpose. Each Essence bottle contains a different message from the energy source called LOVE. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of AETHERA products benefit the WEIMAR CARE FOUNDATION which raises funds to support educational programs for children in Third World countries.

As a part of “AETHERA, the World of Art,” you are not only creating a better world for yourself but also helping others live in a better world.

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